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Orchard Clips Archive Services empowers media and content owners to preserve, curate, manage and commercialise archives, saving valuable history and turning archives from a cost-sink to revenue generating resources.

Audiovisual archives can be invaluable resources for content owners. Well managed archives can empower creativity, generate revenue and deliver cost savings. Orchard Clips Archive Services provides the tools, services and expertise for owners of film, video and digital media content to realise the full value of their content.

Across West Asia and North Africa, audiovisual archives are at risk. Deteriorating films, videotapes that cannot be played, and corrupt hard drives; important historical, cultural and commercially valuable content is being lost. The expert teams at Orchard Clips use cutting edge tools and techniques to prevent this loss and to breathe new life into precious archives.

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Areas of Expertise

Every audiovisual archive is unique. The Orchard Clips team assess the risks and opportunities for each individual collection and provides recommendations, tools and services to ensure that the archive owner can realise the full value of their content.


Expert technicians assess, restore and digitise film reels, videotapes, DVDs and other formats preventing the loss of valuable content.


Specialist curators, using leading AI tools, categorise and tag media with advanced metadata to enable quick and easy discovery of assets.


Our sophisticated cloud-based portal enables users to quickly browse, search, download and use media in their projects.


Our sales team generate revenue from licensing content to documentaries, feature films, digital media, education and advertising.

Case Study: OR Media

OR Media is a UK-based production company that has been making documentaries about West Asia for over 30 years. Orchard Clips has viewed and evaluated thousands of hours of programme rushes from their archive, adding comprehensive metadata and creating clips for commercial licensing. The archive now generates revenue for OR Media, whilst saving money through promoting internal reuse and reducing costs from external suppliers. Explore the Collection

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