London, UK: Orchard Clips, the leading supplier of film and video content from and about West Asia and North Africa, has today launched Archive Services to empower media and content owners within the region to preserve, curate, manage and commercialise their archives. Archive Services draws upon many decades of archive management experience within the Orchard Clips team, as well as cutting edge tools and processes.

“We are delighted to launch this new service. The West Asia and North Africa region is blessed with many fantastic audiovisual collections. State institutions, broadcasters, private companies and individuals hold historically, culturally and commercially important media. But this valuable content is often at risk from deterioration, destruction and loss. Our team provides expert guidance, cutting-edge tools and sophisticated processes to enable these archives to not only survive but thrive.”

Luke Smedley, Head of Orchard Clips

The new offering spans four interconnected services, with Orchard Clips delivering the key services relevant to each individual collection.

Preserve focuses on physical assets, such as film and videotapes and how to store, preserve, conserve and digitise them.

Curate includes processes and resources to catalogue, tag and classify assets to enable quick and efficient research and discovery of the archive. This includes the use of sophisticated AI tools to swiftly and accurately curate content.

Manage focuses on using sophisticated platforms and processes to enable and promote easy access to content within the archive, both within a ‘closed-door’ environment and to external users.

Commercialise utilises Orchard Clips’ international sales teams to promote and license valuable content for usage in documentaries, feature films, digital media, education and advertising;  generating revenue for content owners.

As well as historic assets, such as films and videotapes, Archive Services can assist with digital collections. Today, organisations small and large are creating digital video. But, there is often not the time nor resources to focus on archiving and managing this content. Orchard Clips can provide the expertise and tools to ensure this is done correctly and efficiently.

“Speaking to content owners across the region, it’s clear that there is an increasing appreciation of the value of their archives. But, often people don’t know where to start or how to manage them correctly. This is where Archive Services can help. Our goal is to turn archives from a cost-sink into an invaluable resource for their owners.”

Luke Smedley, Head of Orchard Clips

Case Study: OR Media

OR Media is a UK-based production company that has been making documentaries about West Asia for over 30 years. Orchard Clips has viewed and evaluated thousands of hours of programme rushes from their archive, adding comprehensive metadata and creating clips for commercial licensing. The archive now generates revenue for OR Media, whilst saving money through promoting internal reuse and reducing costs from external suppliers.

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